What is included in a Pack? – Free pass to all activities FEST – Training Ground – Free pass all screenings FEST – New Directors | New Films Festival and accommodation if you choose an accommodation pack.

Which is the official language of the event? All events will be in English due to the high number of international participants.

Who is eligible? Everyone with an interest in filmmaking, or enthusiasts about film.

Is there an age limit? No age limit to the event.

How can I register? To register just click on the following link.

Do I have to be at or have attended a film school? No, no need to be in a film school.

Can we apply as a group? ONLY if you are in a film school partner to the event, however this can only be done by the film school itself.

When can I check in and check out? – Check in can be made from 10h00 on the 23th of June – Checkout must be made before 12h00 on the 29th of June ALL CHECK IN MUST BE MADE ON THE EVENT OFFICE PRIOR TO CHECKING IN THE HOTEL

Is there any alternative way to apply other than the online application? All registration must be made online and paid through Paypal. If you encounter technical difficulties please contact us at fest@fest.pt/2015.

Is there any selection procedure? No, as soon as you register and confirm payment for your pack you have all you need for the event, just be sure to book your transportation.

What documentation do I need to take to check in? Receipt from Paypal and any Photo ID.

Can I watch the screenings of the FEST – International Film festival? Yes, the pack includes a free pass to all Festival screenings.

Can I have access to festival’s feeds on social networks? Of course, you can find us on Facebook.