O que é o Pitching Forum?

O que é o Pitching Forum?

What is FEST Pitching Forum?

FEST Pitching Forum is a unique opportunity for filmmakers to present their projects to top industry producers, who are looking to finance, produce or develop new projects. In a 6 minute pitch, each participant will be asked to unwrap their project, in whatever way seems more appropriate. The forum will have video and powerpoint projection facilities.

At the end of each pitch, there will be 10 minutes for feedback from the experts. This feedback is of an extreme value, as the experts will provide their years of experience to give you the best constructive advice to take your project to a new level.

At the end of FEST Pitching Forum, each participant will partake in an exclusive meeting with all the experts, for a more private feedback and counselling about each project.

Who will be the experts ?

Our panel will consist of no less than 10 producers, financiers and project developers with a very considerable experience , from television, to documentary, and fiction. We are already able to announce three key experts that will be present at FEST Pitching Forum. They are Tim Corrie, Scandar Copti and Jarle Bjorknes. Tim Corrie will be the President of the board of experts who will evaluate the projects. Tim has more than 45 years experience in the film industry, and among the many titles he was President of the BAFTA and founder of United Agents.

What type of projects are eligible?

We will select projects regardless of their duration and style, including fiction and documentary. The board of experts present will have background in all areas, making any filmmaking project suitable.

How many projects will be selected?

There are limited places, therefore there will be a pre-selection, and only 15 projects will be selected to be presented at FEST – Pitching Forum.

Are there rehearsal or training sessions before the actual pitching?

Yes, on the two days prior to the Pitching Forum we will have a training activity by Guillermo Garcia Ramos (Only available if registered in FEST – Training Ground), where participants can partake and get better prepared for the presentation at FEST – Pitching Forum.

Will there be immediate awards?

This year we will introduce an immediate award at FEST Pitching Forum, a special impressive  first award. The most valued project will have the opportunity to be tutored and helped develop by Tim Corrie, one of the main Film Industry personalities from the UK, who will surely help the project get to a new level, otherwise hard to achieve. The list of awards is the following:

1st Place – 3 months tutoring, and project development by Tim Corrie

2nd Place – A voucher for a FEST FILM LAB Workshop of their choosing. (www.filmlab.fest.pt/2015)

What else can we get from it apart from the awards?

There is far much more to be gained apart from the immediate awards at FEST – Pitching Forum.

Firstly each of the board of experts can select projects that they would like to developtutorfinanceproduce, this has happen in previous year, and is of course an enormous opportunity, given that you will have excellent experts on the board.

If your project does not win any of the immediate awards, or is selected individually by any of the experts present to be developedtutoredfinancedproduced, there is something of extreme value you will take home: The feedback from some of the most experienced people in the film industry, that will be given to you immediately after your pitch, and privately at the end of the session. Do not overlook to the importance and value of this, many people pay large sums of money just to receive feedback from these personalities. This will be constructive feedback that will help you to significantly improve your project, and will stay with you for the coming years.

When and where? Submissions deadline is May 31st 2014. FEST Pitching Forum will take place on the 27th of June 2014, at the Biblioteca Municipal José Marmelo e Silva, on Av. 24 in Espinho. Portugal. Click here to apply. For more information: pitching@fest.pt/2015