16:00h  Panorama Light & Sound – Shortcutz  Sala 2, Centro Multimeios


José Lopes, PT


Júlio Alves, PT

Água Fria

Pedro Neves, PT

Bats In The Belfry

João Alves, PT

Miss Mishima

Pedro Rocha, PT

Temperar A Gosto

Susana Neves, PT

Dia De Visita

Luís Campos, PT

O Voo Da Papoila

Nuno Portugal, PT


Joana Linda, PT

Thriller, 9′, 2011

A man wakes up with a bag over his head and a rope around his neck. He is standing on a chair in a very dangerous position, where any big movement would leave him hanging. Left alone in a basement, what will he do to survive? He goes through the various steps that will eventually lead him to salvation.

Animation, 13’03”, 2007

This short film is based on the tale Bones by Mia Couto, a universal story that tells us that love can happen in any circumstance. A metaphor that takes us to a tough reality: the hunger in the world. Love happens in the form of an antidote for human misery.

Documentary, 14′, 2011

Disappointment helps the feet enter the cold water. They are like whispers that are indifferent to the distorted music that echoes on the beach. Disappointment makes the people ask the skies for what doesn’t reach the earth. How many are the dreams that you don’t dare dream?

Animation, 7’11”, 2010

Deadeye Jack comes back to a previously interrupted robbery, but something shadowy is between him and the money.

Horror, 14′,2011

Miss Mishima is a film about love and death that explores the ambiguity of sensations and the limits between pleasure and pain. Miss mourns the death of her lover and through the smoke of the incense, she invokes his spirit to remember and physically recreate the love.

Comedy, 10′, 2011

Alberto is a chef in a crisis of creativity, which is being pressured by his boss to create new dishes to the menu of the restaurant where he works. One day he finds a mysterious sheet with a recipe with ingredients missing. Albert tries to unveil this puzzle gourmet and find out who is behind it.

Drama, 14′, 2011

This is the story about the female inmates in the Santa Cruz do Bispo prison, in Matosinhos, where they have been able to receive intimate visits for over a year now. It is about these encounters that this short is about.

Drama, 15′, 2011

A simple photo and a song unite three characters forever. Through a photo, Sabastião the photographer, Joaquim the soldier, and Rui the child, represent Abril hope. What has happened to this hope after 30 years? Will we ever go back like the seagull promised?

Drama, 8′, 2011

Inspired in the mithology of Boca do Inferno and the magical practices of Crowley and his followers, in Boudoir, a woman locked in her bedroom performs a ritual, that like all rituals, has its consequences.

18:00h  Panorama Light & Sound – Estónia  Sala 2, Centro Multimeios


Doris Tääker, EE

White Domino

Eva Kübar, EE

Bacon And Eggs

Heinrich Sepp, EE

Golden On The Outside

Nele Kirsipuu, EE


Margus Raid, EE

Heading To My Wedding

Sandra Z. , EE

A chimneysweep wants to become a beloved film star but when his dream finally becomes true, he makes the role of a lifetime as a chimneysweep.

A young woman called Mari (Maria Lee Liivak) goes to the library to write but finds herself in an endless labyrinth where nothing is what it seems.

“Bacon and Eggs” is a dark comedy which is based on the Ancient Greek myth of the minotaur and Theseus. The film tries to modestly refer to people’s oddly beautiful desire to be part of life’s greater narratives and the inevitable price you have to pay for it.

Even in the houses which look tedious and monotonous from the outside, there is a story behind every window. There are more layers and twists and turns than meets the eye in every person. Relationships are filled with colours and unforeseen circumstances.

The traces of evil lead to the cellar.

A young woman discovers on the morning of her wedding day that she does not have a head. Her only aim is to try to find her lost head as quickly as possible and continue her life as nothing had happened.

18:00h  FEST Wave Session I  Doo Bop


Aleksi Raij, FI

LyriX – The Poet Hendrik Rost

Kirstin Büttner, DE


Gustavo Imigrante, PT

Documentary, 52′, 2011

FinnSurf is the world’s first Finnish surf film, told through the lives of 5 finnish surfers. It’s more than a surfing documentary, it’s a story of true love for the sea, even when temperatures are below zero. FinnSurf is about leaving fear and boredom to find tranquility —no matter where it takes place.

Documentary, 10′, 2011

3 poems of Hendrik Rost – ‘X’, ‘Radio Germany’, ‘The last poem’- find complete expression in an exposed and different way. As an avid surfer he exposes himself to the ocean and the physicality of this extreme sport transposes through the camera.

Documentary, 5′, 2011

Ireland seems to inspire bodyboarding film-makers. Gustavo Imigrante shot one of the best portuguese bodyboarders in the North Atlantic. Great edit going perfectly with the music The Black Angels/Mission District. With Gastão Entrudo, Hugo Pinheiro, Manuel Centeno, Nuno Azevedo and Ricardo Faustino.

19:00h  Silver Castle Documentary  Sala de Cinema, Casino de Espinho

Blue Meridian

Sofie Benoot, BE

Documentary, 80′, 2010

A captivating journey through the dilapidated and worn out Deep South of the United States of America. Flooding, civil rights movement riots, racism, real estate speculation have caused people to leave these towns and cities. This film tells the story of their endeavors to make the American promises true.

21:00h FEST Sound  Doo Bop

Punk In Africa

Deon Maas and Keith Jones, ZA

Documentary, 82′, 2011

Punk in Africa – Three chords, three countries, one revolution. This is a documentary that tells the story of the punk movement’s emergence as an anti-establishment subculture that fought against racial segregation and sought to unite people through music.

22:00h  Openning Session | Silver Castle Fiction  Sala Tempus, Centro Multimeios

The Dynamiter

Matthew Gordon, US

Drama, 73′, 2011 [trailer] [+ info]

The Dynamiter is a story of creating hope, something we all have to do every day or else we will have no life to speak of. Robbie Hendrick has the spirit and the character we all seek to find within us: the ability to create hope in a completely hopeless environment.

22:00h  Competitive Session Fiction/Animation I  Sala 2, Centro Multimeios


Lawrence Côté-Collins, CA

Deep Down Ballet

Isabell Suba, DE

The Missing Looks

Damián Dionisio, AR

Hell Ville

Laurent Durieux, FR


Bartosz Kruhlik, PL


Samaneh Momtazmand, IR


Dani de la Orden and Cyprien Clement-Delmas, ES

Love Is The Answer For The Lack Of Argument

Jorge Quintela, PT

Fiction, 4’15”, 2009 [teaser]

A man and a woman love each other everyday.

Fiction, 30′, 2011 [teaser]

Sergeants Bella Löw and Sandra Morgenstern are close friends in real live. But their troops have to fight against each other during a military drill. Under the pressure of their supervisor and comrades, they battle until it no longer matters, who betrayed their friendship at first.

Fiction, 11′, 2012 [teaser]

Argentina, 1976. Claudio is forced to live with his family in hiding, due to his political ideals. The house in which they live is discovered by the militars. No time to flee, Teresa try to shelter his daughter in the fantasy world to avoid the girl look at the horror they are about to live.

Animation, 3’51”, 2011 [teaser]

Hellville seems to have found its bizarre balance through a traffic system exclusively made of pedal vehicles…Until the day the roaring engine of a motorbike resonates through it streets.

Fiction, 20′, 2011 [teaser]

Housing estate. 35-year old Iwona takes care of the house during her husband’s absence. She tries to make up with her son Michal and at night spends her time all alone. One day, Michal doesn’t come back home for the night. None of his friends now where he is. The husband doesn’t answer the phone.

Animation, 5’45”, 2011 [teaser]

The Story belongs to the wild car which violation of regulations which finally being ruined.

Fiction, 11′, 2011 [teaser]

Luciano is making a special circuit for someone very special.

Fiction, 10′, 2011 [teaser]

What changes is not the scenery – all service stations are service stations – motion is what changes.