Lost Paradise de Eve Deboise em competição para o Castelo de Prata Ficção

The first feature film of Eve Deboise is one of the films in competition for the Fiction Silver Castle award.

With Paradis Perdu as original title, the film is focused on Lucie, a 17-year-old teenager that lives with her father on the idyllic south of France, after her mother left. However, her mother returns one day, shaking the established relationship between Lucie and his father, provoking him.

Though being her first feature film, Eve Deboise has already a long curriculum on screenwriting, where it is included the film April Captains, written with Maria de Medeiros.

Lost Paradise will be exhibited on 4th July at FEST, the same day that premieres on French screening rooms.

Trailer available on: http://www.epicentrefilms.com/Paradis-Perdu-Eve