Formadores 2013

This was the speaker’s list for 2013.Esta é a lista de formadores do ano 2013.
We will soon start announcing this year’s speakers.

Melissa Leo

Oscar Winning Actress of films such as David O. Russel´s  “The fighter” and Courtney Hunt´s “Frozen River”.

Peter Webber

Bafta nominated British director of films such as “Girl with a Pearl Earing” and “Hannibal”.

Christian Berger

Oscar nominated Austrian DOP Christian Berger most famous for his work at the side of Michael Haneke, in films such as “The White Ribbon”, “Caché” or “The Piano Teacher”.

Tariq Anwar

Oscar and Bafta nominated British editor of films such as “American Beauty”, “the King´s Speech” and “Revolutionary Road”.

Tim Corrie

Deputy director of the BAFTAs and one of the most famous and influential talent agents in Europe

Tivi Magnusson

Oscar winning Danish producer of films such as “The new Tenants” and founder of M&M Productions.

Scandar Copti

Oscar nominated Palestinian director winner of the Camera D´Or in Cannes for his famous film “Ajami”.

Stephen Altman

Oscar nominated Production Designer famous for his work on films such as “Gosford Park” and “Ray”.

L. M. Kit Carson

Scriptwriter of Films such as “Paris Texas” by Wim Wenders, Tobe Hooper´s “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2” or Jim McBride´s “Breathless”

Paulo Furtado

Musician better known as “the Legendary Tigerman” who composed several soundtracks including for Rodrigo Areias “Estrada de Palha”.

Marika Green

Swedish French Actress most famous for her parts in films such as “Pickpocket” by Robert Bresson or” Emanuelle” by Just Kaeckin.

Martin Dale

British correspondent and film critic for the legendary Variety film magazine, expert adviser of the Portuguese film institute and academic tutor at Universidade do Minho.

Jarle Bjorknes

Norwegian producer of films such as “Monocerus”  and head of Filmkraft, a regional film fund in Rogeland.

Guillermo Garcia Ramos

Spanish documentary filmmaker and scriptwriter famous for is long established work on different television networks.

George Christopoulos

Greek creative director and music supervisor of multimedia events internationally, most known for his work on two Athens Olympics Games events in 2004, and founder of OTICONS GbR, famous international talent agency for film composers.

Rui Martins

Portuguese stunt driver famous for his work with Luc Besson.

Sara Marcus

Portuguese Makeup artist Head of the True Colours Make group.

Antonio Costa Valente

Portuguese filmmaker and producer winner of 13 national and international awards for animation and fiction films. He is also the head of legendary Avanca Film Festival.

Saul Rafael

He is a representative of Lusomundo, the largest film distributor and screening room proprietor in Portugal.