Best Experimental Short

“Démontable” by Douwe Dijkstra

Best Documentary Short

“Is Longing Hereditary” by Gitte Hellwig

Best Short Animation

“Whole” by Robert Banning and Verena Klinger

Silver Lynx – Best Short Fiction

“Everything Will Be OK” by Patrick Vollrah

Special Mention:

Actress Emöke Zsigmond in Short Film: “Playfellows” by Abel Visky

White Lynx – Best Documentary Feature

“Dancing with Maria” by Ivan Gregolet

Golden Lynx – Best Fiction Feature Film

“Line of Credit” by Salome Alexi

Special Mention:

by Bas Devos

Special Mention:

“For Some Inexplicable Reason” 
by Gabor Reisz

Audience Award: Best Short Film

“Shipwreck” by Morgan Knibbe

Audience Award: Best Feature Film

“Transit” by Hannah Espia


Audience Award – Best Feature Film

“Cracks in Concrete” by Umut Dag


Audience Award – Best Short Film

“Mother” by Lukasz Ostalski


C7nema Award (Critics Award)

“Arabani” by Adi Adwan

Honourable Mention – Short-film – Documentary

“Boy” by Julie Bezerra Madsen

Best Short Film – Documentary

“Everything Will be Different Now” by Josefien Hendriks


Golden Linx – Best Feature Filme – Documentary

“My Love Awaits Me by the Sea” by Mais Darwazah

(Jordan, Germany)

Honourable Mention – Short-film – Experimental

“Orpheus” by Alessandro Paratore and Sara Aretino


Best Short Film – Experimental

“White Lies” by Felix Schaefer


Best Short Film – Animation

“Rabbit and Deer” by Péter Vácz


Honourable Mention – Short-film – Fiction

“The Dinner” by Dimitris Argyriou


“Tennis Girl” by Daniel Barosa


Best Short Film – Fiction

“Mother” de Lukasz Ostalski


Honourable Mention – Feature Film – Fiction

“Little Crushes” by Ireneusz Grzyb and Aleksandra Gowin


Honourable Mention – Feature Film – Fiction

“Cracks in Concrete” by Umut Dag


Golden Linx – Best Feature Film – Fiction

“Mother of George” by Andrew Dosunmu


Silver Castle – Fiction

Miss Blue Jeans, Matti Kinnunen (Fin)


Silver Castle – Documentary

Fidai, Damien Ounouri (França/Argelia)


Audience Award – Best Feature Film

Dragan Wende – East Berlin, Dragan von Petrovic and Lena Muller (Serbia/Ger)


National Grand Prize

The Kingdom, Paulo Castilho (PT)


Best Short Film – Fiction

Blackstory, Christoph&Brunner (Ger)


Best Short Film – Animation

The Hopper, Alex Bruel Flagstack (Ger)


Best Short Film – Experimental

Domicile, Maéva Ranaivojoana (Ger)


Best Short Film – Documentary

Pig Star, Michael Angelov (UK)


Audience Award – Best Short Film

Afro, Ninja Thyberg (SWE)



Silver Castle


Fiction Silver Castle


“Volcano” , Rúnar Rúnarsson (Iceland)

Documentary Silver Castle


“The Kingdom of Mister Edhi”, Amélie Saillez (Belgium)

Short films


Best Fiction


“Confinópolis”, Raphael Araújo (Brazil)

Best Documentary


“ABCDEFGH”, Valérie Mréjen (France)

Best Animation


“What Happens When Kids Don’t Eat Soup”, Pavel Prewencki (Poland)

Best Experimental


“Combustion”, Renaud Hallee (Canada)

Great National Award


“Love Is The Answer For The Lack of Argument”, Jorge Quintela (Portugal)

Audience Award


Audience Award for short films


“To All My Friends”, Behrouz Bigdeli (Denmark)

Audience Award for feature films


“170 Hz”, Joost van Ginkel (Netherlands)


Long Features

Best Fiction

“Obselidia” by Diane Bell (USA)

Best Documentary

“Superheroes” by Janek Romero (Germany)

Short Films

Best Fiction

“Autumn” by Ivo Costa (Portugal)

Best Documentary

“R is for Realdoll” by Katja Niemi (Finland)

Best Experimental

“Sister” by Michael Rittmannsberger (Austria)

Best animation

“After Me” by Paul Emile Boucher (France)

Best Academic Peice

“Sonor” by Levin Peter (Germany)

Best Portuguese Production

“Autumn” by Ivo Costa (Portugal)

Audience Award

“Rubika” by Claire Baudean, Ludovic Habas, Mickael Krebs, Julien Legay, Chao Ma, Florent Rousseau, Caroline Roux, Margaux Vaxelaire (France)


CASTELO DE PRATA competition:


“Easier with Practice” by Kyle Patrick Alvarez (US)

Special Mention: “Guerra Civil” by Pedro Caldas (PT)

Special Mention for the performance of Catalina Saavedra by “The Maid” (CH/MEX)

Best Fiction: “United We Stand” by Alejandro Pedregal (FIN)

Best Animation: “HRAS!”, by Blagay Kostov (BUL)

Best portuguese Film: “The Audition”, by Francisco Campos & Henrique Bagulho (PT)

Special Mention: “In The dark”, by Jerónimo Rocha (PT)

Best School Project: “Grandma Has Gone” by Tomasz Jurkiiewicz (POL)

Best Music Video: “A Sorte” by Leonardo Domingues (PT)

Best Experimental Work: “Naufrage” by Clorinde Durand (FR)

Best Documentary: “Mother” by Jakub Piatek (POL)

Special Mention: “Sidetrack” by Anna Kazejak (POL)


Castelo de Prata Award


“The home of dark butterflies”, by Dome Karukoski (FIN)

Special Mention a “Klass”, by Ilmar Raag (EST)

Best Music Video: “Dictee Magique”, by Wonky Boys (Bel)

Special Mention to “Ojta, Diary of the Distance”, by Gwenn Joyaux (Arg)

Best Documentary: “The Italian Doctor” by Esben Hansen (DNK)

Best School Project: “Urs” by Moritz Mayerhofer (GER)

Best Fiction: “Hay cosas que no se olvidan” by Lucas Figueroa (SP) and “El Paseo” by Arturo Ruiz Serrano (SP)

Best animation: “Chump & Clump” by Michael Herm and Stephan Sacher (GER) and “Touchdawn of the dead” by Pierre Mousquet (Bel).

Best Portuguese Film: “O direito à infelicidade” by Colectivo Nefasto. (PT)