Entrevista com Michael Biehn, realizador do “The Victim”

Entrevista com Michael Biehn, realizador do “The Victim”

Interview released by c7nema.net

When Michael Biehn presented his directional-debut “The Victim” at the Sitges Film Festival (Europe’s leading fantasy film festival) he introduced it like this: “If you don’t like violence, and you don’t like sex… get out!”.
“The Victim” is a 70-s style revenge movie, in the line of recent grindhouse movies such as Robert Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror”, Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof” and “Hobo with a Shotgun”. As risky, extreme bet for a Silver Castle Award session on FEST 2012.
The movie is the directional debut of Michael Biehn, James Cameron’s favourite actor in his early carrer: he was the hero from “The Terminator” and “Aliens”, and the antagonist of “The Abyss”.
José Pedro Lopes, our director of programming, chatted with Michael for c7nema.net. Here is the result.

C7nema: This film looks pretty bad ass. What should we expect from THE VICTIM?
Michael Biehn: A lean mean exploitation movie

c7: You recently said that Robert Rodriguez inspired you and but you would take a bullet for James Cameron. THE VICTIM is a grindhouse film much like RODRIGUEZ’s PLANET TERROR where you starred. How did this make you want to be a director?
MB: Jim Cameron always told me I should direct and when I was making Xavier Gens’ The Divide. I saw some kid in a coffee shop reading Rebel Without a Crew and thought YEAH why not?

c7: On the first day of shooting, you did a love scene with your wife and co-star JENNIFER BLANC to break the ice with the cast&crew. Did it work?
MB: I think mine and Jennifers’ commitment and passion for the scene set the tone for the rest of the movie.

c7: What made you want to write a story in 70s-style revenge genre?
MB: It was based on a story by Reed lackey….it was available and affordable

c7: How was it to work with your wife JENNIFER BLANC and to direct her?
MB: Fun ,frustrating,exhillerating,difficult but most of all MY PLEASURE!

c7: How was it to work with DANNIELE HARRIS, such an icon of the grindhouse genre?
MB: It was easy and fun because she is such a good friend of mine and Jennifers’ in real life….she is pro…she basically directed herself…reminded me of a shot i might need in post and she was right!

c7: You’re starring several upcoming films. Do you plan on directing more?
MB: Yes!

c7: They say LINDA HAMILTON will be back for a new TERMINATOR. If it was possible would you like to go back to this franshise and live it again?
MB: I just dont see it happening

c7: What would you say was the most important film of your carrer?
MB: The Terminator and NOW The Victim.

c7: THE VICTIM is a 900.000 dollar film. What film would you like to do if you had a big budget?
MB: A big action movie with real action not CGi ….real old fashion action with car chases and jumps…fights …guys falling down stairs and setting soemone on fire…blow stuff up!

You can watch MICHAEL BIEHN’s THE VICTIM on July 4th at the Casino de Espinho, at the 10pm session of the Silver Castle Award Competition.